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"I've been a professional model for years and although always being slim, my body was lacking some much needed shape and definition, which Charlie was able to show me how to achieve without resorting to unhealthy crash diets etc which I have relied on in the past. He not only transformed my body, but re-educated my whole approach to nutrition and fitness and it's something I'll implement in the rest of my life. I'm in the best shape I've ever been. Truly. It's been the most invaluable experience I've had in regards to my health. Thanks Charlie!"


"I am turning 53 this year! My journey has been beyond my expectations with Charlie!! I am sitting at 169 lbs of lean muscle from 178 from when I started 9 weeks ago!! I would have never believed I could look like this!He is truly an incredible coach and he is there to answer any of my questions about my program!! Can not wait to see what the future holds for me! If you are serious about making changes he's your man!"


"Charlie is not your ordinary prep coach. He takes time out for each and every one of his clients no matter their goal. He invests into furthering his knowledge by attending seminars/ training camps and remains at the top of his game with up to date info, training and nutrition techniques. Thanks to him, I'm looking and feeling better than I've ever felt."

Wesley Grant Charlie Garforth Testimonial
Selver Ahmed Charlie Garforth Testimonial


"In my competing career and a personal trainer I have seen people changing coaches every other month. Just because they don't trust the coach and expecting miracles from the next one. I have changed between a few coaches before I started working with Charlie, because I felt that something was missing... and yes, something really was missing with others: no education, not knowing my body, low carbs, a lot of cardio, not explaining anything about the journey itself. But Charlie has pulled me from a 'deep hole' where my health was in a really bad condition. That was 3 years ago and today I am in my best shape ever, eating carbs, lifting weights and wearing my bikini on stage. All I have to say 'Thank you Charlie!"


"I cant thank Charlie enough for all his support and helping myself and others to achieve what we do at these comps!! I can not recommend this guy enough if you are looking for a coach!! Lifestyle or competition coaching! Personally i have been working with him for 2 years now and the trophies keep on coming!!!"

Sion Evans Charlie Garforth Testimonial
Lauren Calladine Charlie Garforth Testimonial


"Charlie’s approach made feel the best I’ve ever felt during a diet phase. I am still surprised at how smoothly that prep went. Consistent weight drop, no cravings, high energy, strength increase right through to the end. My health is always a priority and I never felt like I was jeopardising that by following Charlie’s plan! Not only was Charlie great throughout prep, he was there for me and got me out of any dilemmas, but he was fantastic on show day too, always there giving me little pep talks, checking my condition, running through my routine, keeping me calm and focused, and helping me become a double world champion again!"


"Thanks to my coach for guiding me, pushing me & yet again bringing me to the best condition I've ever come in! I have done all 3 competitions I have competed in with Charlie and placed top 3 in every one, including winning pro cards first time! He has taken me to heights mentally and physically that I never knew I was capable of, and always bringing something better each time!"

Alex Hoskins Charlie Garforth Testimonial
Brian Hazel Charlie Garforth Testimonial


"Having a coach like Charlie in my corner provides me the accountability to always be progressing. Having someone else to answer to besides myself keeps me pushed when I fail to get my own ass into gear."


"I feel great thanks to Coach Charlie. Not only for his amazing wizardry and patience. But for his encouragement & understanding towards such a newbie like me. I feel totally comfortable with the team and cannot recommend this process enough if you want to transform yourself. It has become quite addictive! I feel like a woman again."

Sue Leadbetter Charlie Garforth Testimonial
Mark Gaunt Charlie Garforth Testimonial


"Just over a year ago I signed up with Charlie with the intention of getting in shape for a gym photo shoot. One thing led to another and 11 months after starting the process, I was walking off stage, having picked up 7 trophies in the process, from 2 shows in the last 3 months. His guidance and support transformed the dad bod into a winner and without his help and guidance I would never have got this far in the first place, let alone get the results I did. He is a genius with everything, from diet and exercise to mindset and attitude. He was even there every step of the way, constantly monitoring condition and telling us what to eat and when. His commitment to his clients is second to none and his results speak for themselves. Can’t thank and recommend him enough."


"I worked with Charlie for 9 months in the build up to my first ever show. As well as being a great motivator, his knowledge is second to none. He understood exactly how to fine tune my body and diet to achieve my goals. A really enjoyable process and some outstanding results. Thanks Charlie! Highly recommend to anyone looking to compete or transform their body image."


"I’ve been working with Charlie since June and we have done one dieting phase and a reverse diet in preparation for next year. It’s my first time doing a coached off season and I’m in a better place going into shows next year than I would’ve been myself without feeling like I’ve got loads of cutting to do. I get to eat all the food I did before staring with him but my body composition is a lot better. Something I couldn’t have done myself. Charlie pushes me to be better because he knows I’ve more to give than I believe I do myself. Can’t wait to see what we can bring next year."


"Not only my coach but now my good friend Charlie got me to believe in myself. To believe I can stand on stage and fight the anxiety I suffer with self confidence. I do what ever it takes, get the plan stick to the plan no excuses and let the results speak for themselves. I know I keep thanking you bro but you know what I've overcome to get to where I am."

Paul Remmer Charlie Garforth Testimonial
Zoe Angus Charlie Garforth Testimonial


"Can't thank Charlie enough for everything he does, from answering endless questions, to writing out all the plans, backing my crazy ideas & getting me in the best shape to date.
The client/coach relationship we have is wicked & let's face it you HAVE to have a good rapour with your coach.
After being genuinely scared & put off to prep again for a number of reasons, my decision to join the team in Jan is the best one I've made."


"Still losing weight, still building size and shape, still eating enough to feed a small family of ponies... What is this witchcraft!? Being coached by Charlie was the best choice I've ever made."

Tor Noone Charlie Garforth Testimonial
Kim Williams Charlie Garforth Testimonial


"When a coach takes the time and effort to understand you as an individual and designs a programme for you, that is what makes him a top coach in this sport. I have gained so much in such a short time. Bringing home 1st place and 2x2nd places @pureelite_official. Bring on 2021.."