Our Promise As A Service Provider


As a subscription program that is based on a working relationship between two parties, it is important to establish some clear ground rules about the roles and expectations of what can be expected from each person involved before signing up to your contract with Charlie at Pro Physiques.


All the transformations and testimonials featured on this site are real and either from current or previous clients who have partaken in a coaching package with Pro Physiques. Although we believe that these transformations are both achievable and accessible to everyone and strive to hope for similar results in all of our clients, please note that these results are not always guaranteed nor necessarily always typical for every single person involved in the coaching process and results are dependent on both the individual and other variables, such as their commitment, body & health factors, genetics, motivation and other factors like the effort you as a client put in. Nor are they necessarily claimed to represent the 'typical' results with our meal plans and workout programs. They are a showcase of what the most motivated and dedicated people can achieve by following our personalised meal plans and workout programs without deviation. Your results may vary and you may not get the same results compared to someone else when using our services. The end results you get will depend upon the individual. We simply provide the tools and the knowledge, but the process and hard work is down to the individual client. We are not liable for any clients lack of progress.


Your Promise As A Client Using This Service


As a visitor to this site all content and rights are reserved and copyright to Pro Physiques. Active members of this site, video lab and programs must respect our intellectual property and so are strictly forbidden to record, share, plagiarise or otherwise copy and share the information directly provided to you. 

Although our products and services are intended to be fully implemented, our service relies on our clients willpower and personal freedom to undertake this commitment - which means sometimes they do not. This will likely result in a lack of progress/results for the client. In short- you must to your best ability stick to the plan when you sign up and agree to a level of dedication and honesty with your coach. If you implement the products and services from us correctly you should see amazing results. But the responsibility to reach your goals is ultimately yours and subjective to each person. If the client still insists that they implemented their package to to the letter and still has not made the progress or results they were expecting, please note that this is also not something we are liable for.

As much as our coaching packages are based around encouragement and positive reinforcement, occasional professional critical feedback is a component of helping clients grow and is to be taken with the understanding of bettering you and your progress not met with offence.

You must be quick to implement, ask for help when you need it and respect the process, including respecting check in times and being punctual.


Medical Risks and Health & Safety


Your health and safety is paramount to us. Charlie is not a medical professional and nothing on this website should be misconstrued. Both the information provided in your direct check in's with Charlie Garforth and the knowledge obtained from the Training Lab Video tutorials and downloaded documents are NOT a substitute for direct medical care or advice from a professional registered GP or medical professional. All health concerns, dietary requirements, allergies, medications and other medical issues that may impact upon your process with Charlie MUST be detailed to him on sign up and any injuries and developments or deteriorations in health must be alerted to him in the first instance during your package. 


None of the meal plans or exercise programs received under Pro Physiques should be utilised without seeking prior consent from a medical professional or healthcare provider. Nor should any mental health advice given be used as a substitute. Any client who needs to seek mental health advice from a professional should do so. This service is tailored to weekly support and mindset advice only. 


Please note that with any physical exertion or activity such as the use of gym machinery or home resistance bands and other equipment, there may be a risk of injury. Especially when done with poor form. We expect our clients to undertake all training in a safe, sensible manner using the equipment as specified in the user manuals and provide exercise tutorial guides to help understand the correct way to use them. We accept no responsibility for injuries that may result from such.


 If you are in poor health or have a pre-existing medical mental or physical condition and choose to participate in one of our coaching packages, you do so of your own free will and voluntarily assuming all associated risks.  


Subscription Billing Information


When purchasing an online coaching package with Pro Physiques, you will be agreeing to a 12 week non-refundable contract and automatically charged an initial start up price which will cover you for those three months. Your subscription will turn into a monthly rolling subscription. After the initial 12 week period, your subscription may be cancelled at any time. If for any reason the initial 12 week payments are made in installations on prior arrangement, they will still be compulsory irregardless of a clients decision to opt out or not adhere to the plan. This is non-negotiable. 


During your subscription you will continue to receive new updated meal plans and workout programs for the time that you choose to remain a client and have full access to the additional online resources until the day your subscription ends.


In order to cancel your subscription simply contact Charlie directly through the Fitphase check in program or send an email to [email protected]. If you wish to cancel you must make it known before the date of automatic payment subscription renewal or risk it being processed for another month. It is your responsibility to cancel if you no longer wish to work together. We will otherwise automatically assume you wish to continue your package. 





Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in an immediate revocation of your membership and subscription.

Please direct any questions regarding these terms and conditions via email to: [email protected].  Our support team will be happy to answer your queries.